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Saturday, 3 January 2015


Hello there, you beautiful beings of the blog-o-sphere! 

Was that cheesy enough for you? Don't worry you'll soon get used to it, I've been told I'm like a 73yr old grandma...very specific i know.

So I guess this is the part where I attack you with a series of nonsensical words introduce myself and thank you for taking the time to read my blog- even if you accidentally clicked on one of those infuriating pop ups and somehow ended up here as a result- thank you for staying around a little longer to read this post!

I am one to ramble I must admit, so before both you and I become at risk of being bored witless, I will do my best to inform you of a few facts about myself. I guess name and age is always a good place to start...My name is Olivia Charlotte Alice, I was born on the 21st June 1995 (which as a kid I thought was the coolest thing ever-because it's summer solstice and more importantly to me at the time, the longest day of the year so I would claim I had the longest birthday of them all). Being born on this date also means i am in between birth signs, being if you may, half gemini/half cancer- pretty cool right? No...okay just me then.

I am a colossal worrier, note that as worrier and not warrior- I wish I was that cool, although to be honest I count myself a warrior in other ways. Some may say I have a lot of fears, plenty of anxiety and a heap of...well...'mental baggage', and over the past few years I have come to the conclusion or rather a concluding question, which is, "Well who doesn't?" Every single person in this universe has fears, along with hopes and dreams, but we also each have a different and equally interesting story to tell. Life is a series of moments- how we act within those moments and how we later reflect upon them is our choice. I have spent far too long viewing my life as a glass half empty, constantly asking "what if?" instead of just saying "YES!" This blog post may appear inappropriately 'deep'  for a first post, particularly written by someone who has only experienced 20 years of life...But in reality 20 years is enough time for an individual to recognise and experience the ups and downs that life brings. I want to focus on the possibilities, to absorb positive energy , to take a chance and say yes to that interview or invitation that I am afraid of and just TRY. At the end of the day, I want to look back and know that I have lived a life in which I was primarily happy in. I want the number of days that I smiled to at least double the number of days where I cried, second guessed or doubted myself. 

Admittedly in this current moment, my writing has adapted to that of a counsellor or life coach (neither of which I am), but nevertheless these sorts of topics and thoughts to me, in our generation especially, are important. It should never be seen as 'uncool' or 'embarrassing' to care about where you are headed or how you are feeling. We should embrace openness; it is refreshing to hear people talk about how they truly feel, unashamed and honest. Clearly to an extent we need to hold some things back, white lies and secrets are there for a reason as is political correctness, but when it comes to bottling things up in an unhealthy manner, that is when we need to let it go, shake it off and keep on moving forward. Yes, yes I did just refer to Frozen and Taylor Swift's hit no1 to make a meaningful point- currently two of the biggest musical influences on the younger generations are they not? (people reading this in the months after I post this- I know the reference may be a tad out of date so forgive me on that one!)

On this blog, I will be writing primarily about lifestyle, wellbeing, travel, culture as well as my own advice column. There may also just be a few posts on general bits and bobs that interest me, which I feel I want to share with you all. This blog is an experiment I guess you could say, as I am currently developing a niche for writing and truly engaging in writing simply for the joy of it. This is a kick-starter if you will, into the world of writing. Hopefully you will stick around a little longer to witness whatever delights that may unfold, if not, I appreciate you reading my ramblings thus far.

Thanks for reading! 

- Olivia Charlotte Alice

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