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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

5 Low Budget Ideas to Cure Summer Bordem

Hello there you beautiful beings of the blog-o-sphere!


"How can anyone possibly be bored in the summer?" You may be thinking...
Well believe it or not, many people are not fortunate enough to spend their summer bronzing themselves on a beach or sitting poolside sipping on a pinacolda, raving it up at festivals with flower crowns in their hair. It may not be within one's budget or it simply isn't their scene and that is perfectly fine! Prolonged periods of bordem during the summer may also be down to illness (which sucks and I am sorry if that is your current situation) point is that everyone has days or weeks over the summer holidays when they are bored. Now there are many academic and self rewarding things to do in the summer such as: get a summer job, get work experience, volunteer, apply for an internship etc...but because all of those suggestions require a lot of planning and July is already coming to a close. Therefore, this post is focusing more on quick, easy and low budget solutions to cure bordem. There are many blog posts and Toutube videos on Summer DIYs, baking and 'good Samaritan'  material that you can look into if you wish :) Don't get me wrong there are some great ideas out there on the internet (hopefully including some of my own after this post)! Below are my 5 simple, easy and almost instant ways you can temporarily cure your summertime sadness: 

1. Start a blog! Yes I am serious. If you like writing/photography/have a passion about a particular topic, why not start a blog and share your thoughts and creativity with the worldwide web. Blogging is an easy cure and honestly it is far more productive than watching endless re-runs of The Office or Gossip Girl which we all do from time to time *cough Netflix addict cough* 

2. Read a book! Boring? Perhaps to you, but maybe now would be the time to try to get into a good book and loose yourself in a narrative while you have the time to. Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, reading is an easy way to cure bordem- if you are bored by the book you are reading then find something else! You could choose a film you really want to see which is adapted from a book and challenge yourself to read the whole book first before you watch the film- it can be fun to do this as the plot is still fresh in your mind and you can compare the two. Nerdy? Maybe a little but that's okay! 

3. Visit an art gallery or museum or go to a new exhibition! When it comes to art and sight seeing the world really is your oyster- especially for those of you living in the UK! It is free to go to almost any art gallery and museum across England and even exhibitions are usually at a rather low cost. There are free art exhibitions and art establishments worldwide and if you are bored, it is a good opportunity to look around and view things that you may not have taken the time or had the chance to see before. 

4. Have a picnic! I mean everyone likes a good picnic. You don't? Well you are the exception. 
Pick a destination, gather your friends and/or family, stock up on all of your favourite summer drinks and snacks, take books/music/games/blankets/towels and head off for a lovely summer picnic. It is a simple but fun idea and it gets you out of the house for a while and allows you to be "at one with nature" as the hippies would say- or would they? I have no idea. 

5. Learn something new! Whether it is mastering new recipe, a yoga pose, learning an instrumental piece, practicing DIY craft, whatever it may are being creative and productive and have found a way of avoiding pure bordem. Let your arty side roam free and run wild, you never know you may have a talent that has been hidden from the universe until now. 

If all else fails and you are hopelessly bored....


I wish you the best of luck in your bordem curing adventures. 

Thanks for stopping by!

- Olivia Charlotte Alice

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