Sunday, 28 June 2015

Book-FIlm Adaptations: My Thoughts

Book-Blockbuster. Hardback-Hollywood. Paperback-Plasma. 

Throughout life, books are a constant source of entertainment, existing as a simple companion while we are on the beach or curled up on the sofa. On another level, books can hold a great amount of  significance and meaning to a person; stories often help us to feel understood and provide comfort to us during hard times. For a certain period of time, we become engrossed in a narrative, we become attached to the characters within the story and the author has us captivated  until we finish the book, at which point we ask ourselves the question "What on earth will I do next?" On some level, books test our emotional state, our attention span and our sense of imagination. Books provide us with an escape, to delve into another world and to live vicariously through a selection of characters for 300 pages or so. Often books are adapted into films, allowing the characters to truly come to life on the big screen. Prior to watching a film adaptation of a novel, I always like to read the novel first, and more often than not, the novel wins my overall approval. 

What are your thoughts? Do you like to read the book before watching the film (if there is one) or do you like to just get on with it and watch it? Let me know some of your favourite book-film adaptations and do give me suggestions of what to review next in the comments (or tweet me @olivia_CA95).

- Olivia Charlotte Alice

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