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Book to Film Review: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars written by John Green (2012)

Set in both Indianapolis and Amsterdam, this YA 'coming of age' novel is based around the life of two teenage cancer patients, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Walters; although one could say it is 'another cancer story', the overriding themes of the novel include those of love, family, isolation, rejection, faith, courage, identity and growing up. It is far more than just a story about two kids with cancer, it brings up deeper questions regarding life, mortality and ones sense of purpose.

Through the novel we fall in love with Hazel and Augustus' love story and we all secretly root for a happy ending; however daringly perhaps, Green steers clear from wrapping their love story up in a sickly sweet sugar coated bow, instead leaving his readers sobbing. Anyone who denies coming close to tears whilst reading this novel is in a state of denial or their tear ducts were removed at birth, because honestly this is a tear jerker. Green manages to captivate his readers from start to finish, providing us with a rollercoaster of emotions, encouraging or rather forcing us to smile, laugh, gasp and sob along with the characters; this in my opinion is a rather large accomplishment. Green's talent is endless; within Green's fictional novel, leading lady Hazel Grace is shown to have her own obsession with a fictional novel titled An Imperial Infliction; she travels all the way to Amsterdam with her mum and budding lover/partner in crime, simply in the hopes to discuss the ending of the book with its author, the crazed Mr Van Houten. Hazel Grace goes into such detail about this novel and does so, so convincingly, that many of Green's readers genuinely believed that An Imperial Infliction was a real book and went looking for their own copy to add to their bookshelves! 

Overall The Fault in Our Stars is a great read and I wouldn't just categorize it just as a read for teenagers, the themes discussed can be related to on some level by people of all ages. So if you haven't given it a try, grab a box of Kleenex and get cracking! I promise you it won't be a waste of your time! 

The Fault in Our Stars directed by Josh Boone (2014)

Book to Blockbuster. Was it a smart move? The only answer is: YES. 
At first I was slightly apprehensive of this transition from paperback to Plasma screen as the characters were already cherished by so many and it would be a task to satisfy the mass following of readers this book has. However with raw and honest performances by both Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort, how could anyone be angry with the outcome? If anything it made me fall in love with the story even more; every scene was jam packed with emotion, a brilliant mixture of angst, sorrow, fear, love, lust laughter. Woodley and Elgort's seemingly natural chemistry brought Hazel and Augustus' romance to life in a raw and beautiful way. Every word I read on paper was spoken honestly and believably, it is undoubtedly one of the best transitions from book to screen I have ever witnessed; this is perhaps due to the fact that Green had a large impact on the film adaptation, having access to the set during production as well as having a loyal fan base and actually casting actors who were truly passionate about the plot. Green's novels continue to hold an interest worldwide- his next novel to be brought to the big screen is Paper Towns, hitting theaters this month starring Nat Wolff (also in TFIOS) and Cara Delevigne. Fingers crossed it will live up to our expectations! 

 I am sure all of you reading this will already be familiar with Green's novel and film adaption so please do share your opinions in the comments :) 


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