Friday, 10 July 2015

In My World

"You know what is really beautiful? Being true to what you believe in. Standing up for the people that you love. Fight each day to be a better person but know that how you are right now is enough for a place on this earth. Be kind and loyal and loving as that is what is truly beautiful. Greet the postman each morning, smile at the cashier, help out someone in need. Random acts of kindness are beautiful, being true to who you are and trying to be happy with yourself is where beauty lies. No numbers or rules and regulations. No shaming or judging or eye brow raising. No cruel comments or bitching on the bus. In my world, being confident is not seen as vain or pushy, in my world embracing your personality and body in its natural form is okay, in my world intelligence and wisdom and acts of kindness are greater than synthetic exterior beauty. In my world aspiring to be that size 0 model in a magazine is no longer a common goal. In my world self hatred is a foreign concept because self love is practiced and encouraged worldwide. In my world fat and skinny shaming is not a thing. In my world we embrace one another and seek the best in every individual, no matter what the circumstances may be."
- Olivia Charlotte Alice 
(Source: organicallyolive)

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