Saturday, 4 July 2015

New York, New York - 20th Birthday Surprise

On my 20th birthday (21st June) I was preparing for a girls trip away to celebrate with my mum and my sister. My mum had kept the destination a surprise and while my sister and I had been guessing for weeks prior, we never thought in a million years (or at least I didn't!) that we would be off to where we eventually ended up. On the morning of my birthday we packed our bags, got in the car and gazed out of the window, unknowing of our final destination, whilst our dad kindly drove us. After just under an hour we reached the airport, but we still did not know where we were off to- we had finally clocked that it was somewhere overseas. As we approached the check in desk my mum revealed we were off to the big apple NEW YORK CITY !!! It was an incredibly generous gift from my parents to both my sister and I (she just finished her GCSE's). Other than the 'red eye' long haul flights and the 2 hour stand up queue in immigration, we had a wonderful time. 

Below are some more of the photos I took whilst on our trip ! 

What are your favorite places in New York? If you could go anywhere for a birthday surprise, where would you go and why? Leave your comments down below I would love to hear your responses! 

- Olivia Charlotte Alice


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