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Monday, 23 March 2015

Manifesting Your Hopes & Dreams

Hi there you beautiful beings of the blog-o-sphere!

Today I'm talking all about...


  • An act of showing or displaying
  • A physical entity typifying an abstraction
  • A visible or evident sign, providing grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something
  • A 'manifestation' of something- a sign that it (the thing that you manifested) is happening or that it exists. 

Now before I get started delving into my own personal views on this slightly confusing topic, I would like to state that 'manifestation' can be practised in many different ways i.e regarding religion/faith/politics/law etc however I am focusing on the practise of 'manifestation' in general every day life, in particular manifesting one's dreams and goals. Nothing to deep...In case I have completely and utterly lost you (because I know I was lost when I first delved into this topic) I have linked a youtube video below (which inspired me to write this blog post) in which two Vegan/lifestyle bloggers: Jen Converso and Ally Sheehan provide a rough explanation of the concept, as well as sharing a few of their own examples. 

As the girls explain in the video, it is up to you as to whether you believe it or not; however it is worth a shot because you have nothing to lose just by simply trying it. I truly believe that the things we get in life really are down to our mentality and our attitude. Many people have the desire to better themselves and hope for bigger and better things to come along, but they do not actively do anything in order for these wishes to become a reality. Sometimes it can be hard and frustrating when we don't see our hopes and dreams come to fruition. Now I don't deny that factors such as chance, luck, fate and coincidence exist, but most of the time when our dreams become a reality, it is down to the fact that we have consciously put in effort and actively worked hard at making those dreams come true.

The concept of manifestation (in my view) encourages people to have goals and aspirations. When you manifest something, the idea/goal you set is planted into your thought process; similar to the example in the video (and on an incredibly basic level) if you manifest that you want to meet a tall dark haired man you most likely will, as thereafter you will consciously be searching for a tall dark haired man when you are out and about, as a result there is a greater chance of you bumping into/interacting with one. Moving on from this, if you manifest something along the lines of 'I will meet more positive people' and you have a positive and upbeat mindset yourself, you are more likely to find and connect with positive people than if you have a negative mindset, as your positive attitude will attract like minded people towards you. Your mindset plays a large part in the outcome of your manifestation. If you start saying "I will do this" and "this will happen" instead of "I might do this" and "this might happen" and actively strive for the things you want then of course you are more likely to achieve things. Anyone who tries has more of a chance than the person who just sits there wishing but doing nothing about it.

I am going to manifest that today will be a great day- simple but it proves that with the manifestation I am now in the mindset to go searching for positivity and to look for the good in every small thing that happens today, therefore I have more of a chance of actually making today great. I will let you know how it goes ;) What would you/are you going to manifest? Do you even believe in this concept? Have you had any manifestations come to fruition before? Let me know in the comments or contact me on twitter @Olivia_CA95

Thanks for reading!

- Olivia Charlotte Alice

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