Saturday, 22 August 2015

5 Ways to Style a 'Leather' Jacket: Get the Look for Less

Okay so unfortunately, unlike Cinderella we don't all have the luxury of a magical fairy godmother to turn our rags into riches; however we certainly all have the creativity within us to think of simple and affordable ways to dress up our everyday wardrobe. I was inspired to write this post by Tess Christine, who makes 'Get the look' videos on Youtube, often recreating celebrities outfits at an affordable price. (Link:

5 Ways to Style a 'Leather' Jacket: Get the Look for Less

No matter how many years pass by, no matter what season it is, people continue to go crazy for leather jackets. Whether your style loudly screams 'rock n' roll' biker type or follows in the footsteps of those on Made in Chelsea...a leather jacket is a must have item in anyone's wardrobe. The most popular and timely items of clothing are ones that are universally versatile, items that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and will always go with whatever you are wearing. Below I have included examples of a few celebrities styling black leather jackets. 

From left to right, Taylor Swift, Una Foden, Nina Dobrev, Natalia Cabezas and Cara Delevigne.

Using the images above as inspiration, I thought I would share 5 ways that I personally like to style my own black 'leather' jacket from Topshop, using items of clothing that I already had in my wardrobe (and yes we are going to embrace the fact that I had to take mirror selfies- not everyone has paparazzi following them everywhere they go, let alone have access to a personal photographer!)

Do you own a leather jacket? If so what are your favourite ways to style it? Get in touch via twitter @Olivia_CA95 or let me know in the comment section :)

- Olivia Charlotte Alice

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