Friday, 14 August 2015

Foodie Fridays: Healthy Vegan/Vegetarian Snack Ideas

Recently myself and the rest of the world (it seems) have become increasingly interested in health food stores, in particular the snack section, including vegan confectionery, various fruit bars, as well as protein and energy bars. Although these snacks are rather pricy, they definitely make up for the costly figure through taste- they are delicious and worryingly addictive! I am a card member of Holland and Barrett which I frequent often to purchase these various wholefood goodies and I thought I would share some of the healthier snacks I have been enjoying recently.

Let me know what your favourite snacks are by contacting me on twitter @Olivia_CA95 or leave a comment below! There are never too many snack ideas because let's face it snacking is an essential part of it not? Follow me on instagram @organicallyolive for more photos like this!

- Olivia Charlotte Alice

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