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Thursday, 23 April 2015

8 Things You Need to Give Up in order to Become a Happier Person

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To summarise the mammoth essay post that I wrote a while back on 'How to be Happy', here are 8 things that I believe you should give up in order to have a happier existence: 

1. Give up your need for control. Let life unfold and don't let that streak of perfectionism stop you from falling once in a while. By falling you end up learning and life is essentially a cycle of mistakes and lessons.

2. Give up your need for constant reassurance and validation from others. Embrace yourself for who you are and stop waiting for others to 'approve' everything you say or do in order to feel happy. The only person you need validation from is yourself!

3. Give up your need to always be right about everything and to have the last word. Sometimes you just have to let someone else have the last say or voice their opinion no matter how much you disagree. Bite your tongue and be that listening ear. It is important to let others share their ideas as well as sharing your own. Find that balance.

4. Give up the self blame and the negative self talk. You will never be happy if you are always thinking negatively about everything in your life. Start saying positive affirmations and believing in them. You deserve the world and you need to start telling yourself that!

5. Give up the constant second guessing and doubting and stop putting limits on your beliefs, aspirations and actions. Go for those goals and shout them out from the mountain top, put your ideas out there and share your thoughts with others. The more you put yourself out there the more you are likely to engage with likeminded people who will have similar interests and raise you up and encourage your journey.

6. Give up the worries and state of constant fear, stop thinking 'what it' and start saying 'YES' to things. Stop complaining and wondering, start appreciating, embracing and accepting.

7. Give up the illusion and stop living your life for others in order to please others. Live your life for you and do things that make you happy. Start having confidence in who you are and be proud of the person that you are becoming.

8. Give up the bitching and the back talk and try to be a positive influence to yourself and others. By putting positive energy out there, you are more likely to attract other positive people.

Go out there and start helping yourself become a happier and more positive influence in this universe!

Link to the original post: How to Be Happy

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- Olivia Charlotte Alice

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