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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Life Lessons with Livvy Part 6: How to Survive Freshers Week SOBER

Hello there you beautiful beings of the blog-o-sphere!

Today is all about freshers week, and how to survive it...sober!

Now I know many of you reading this are just delving into or preparing for your first term at university, and I know from experience that it can be a very daunting time- particularly for those who have never left home before and this is their first time being away in an unfamiliar environment. Along with the usual worries, also (for some) come the worries regarding social drinking and the expectations of living up to the overwhelming hype of freshers. I would firstly like to say don't believe the hype. If you believe it, you will be disappointed. Freshers week is fun and exciting but trust me the best few weeks of your university experience will probably not be freshers week. It might be, but I doubt it. I wanted to make a post for those of you who are not particularly interested in alcohol/can't have alcohol for one reason or another or maybe you just generally want to experience freshers and stay sober. I am not saying that drinking is bad or that you shouldn't drink, I mean personally I don't drink outside of social gatherings but I will have a few too many drinks here and there. There is nothing wrong with getting a little tipsy once in awhile, but it is also good to know that it is possible to have fun without doing so. Below are my top 3 tips on how to be a sober fresher:

Tip no 1. 

Remember that just because you are not drinking alcohol, does not mean you cannot drink anything at all. Buy some energy drinks or even a few non alcoholic cocktails or you could even try making your own 'mocktail''s and join in on the fun. You can still play drinking games and join in on pre-drinking, you are just simply drinking the non-alcoholic equivalent to what others are. Don't allow yourself to become isolated when there is no need for you to be. Find ways to be a part of the fun!

Tip no 2. 

Don't worry about what others are thinking/assume the best of people. The majority of people are not going to think 'oh s/he's not drinking alcohol so I am going to refuse to talk to him/her'. Everyone is going to be a little shyer than usual and will be trying their best to make friends as in the first few weeks everyone is finding their way and wanting to be a part of something. There will be people that understand and are supportive of your wishes and if people are rude to you just because you wish to stay sober then they are obviously not the type of people you should want to be hanging around. Find people that embrace and accept you for you and your beliefs and desires, they are the people you want to be making friends with as they are friends for life not just for a fortnight. Don't let people peer pressure you. Be yourself and be proud of what you stand for. 

Tip no 3. 

Realise that you don't have to 'survive' anything. This is not a challenge or a test, if you don't drink. That's simply it, you don't drink. If you don't make a big deal out of it then others probably won't either. In fact being the sober one could even gain you popularity as you can be the designated person that ensures people do not go overboard and end up in the ER or getting in the wrong cab etc...But also remember to have fun as just because you aren't drinking alcohol, it does not mean you cannot dance and go crazy just like everyone else. If you can have just as much fun without alcohol that just proves how fun you really are. 

I hope that this gives you some reassurance or at least lets you know that you are not alone and there are many others who are feeling anxious about this topic and reached out for help. Clearly I am no expert and this is just based on my own experiences with friends that don't drink and also the occasions when I didn't want to drink during freshers. Best of luck to those of you embarking on your next chapter and heading of to uni. Remember to have fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

- Olivia Charlotte Alice


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