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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

My Trip to Edinburgh, Scotland

Hello there you beautiful beings of the blog-o-sphere! 

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Today's post is all about my recent trip to Edinburgh, which for the next four years, is the new home and university for my younger sister. We travelled to Edinburgh by car, as my sister had to bring all her university things with her (although our mode of transport was confirmed after much debate between my parents over whether we should fly, take the train or drive). We all packed into the car with our chosen snacks and entertainment of choice, and off we went on our journey (with my poor dad commencing the long drive ahead). We stopped off at York for the first night to break up the journey, and spent the afternoon wandering round the old streets, exploring the beautiful cathedral and of course sitting down for a cream tea in a local tea room. 

We stayed in a local hotel overnight and then set off again in the early morning. Before we reached Edinburgh, we stopped off at Dundee for a pub lunch and then had a walk along the cliff side to stretch our legs. Soon enough we were back in the car, ready for the last hour or so before we reached our long awaited destination. For the last few hours, as we were driving there were constant gasps in awe of the views surrounding us, they were simply...breathtaking. 

The second we stepped out of the car, the crisp fresh air hit us and it was welcomed with arms wide open after the car journey we had endured. Everywhere you turned, everything was so picturesque and dreamy. The cobbled pavements, the quaint little coffee shops and cafes lining the streets, not to mention the sound of bagpipes following you wherever you went. Even though it rained on one of the days we were there and was slightly grey and windy as expected in Scotland, it somehow it didn't matter. The weather didn't tarnish our experience of the city, as it might in other parts of the UK, in fact it was oddly comforting to have the autumnal weather as it enabled us to be able to enjoy slices of freshly baked cake and mugs of steaming hot chocolate in the early days of September. My parents and I stayed in the Principal Hotel, located in Charlotte Square in the city centre. It was formerly known as The Roxburghe Hotel, but recently re-opened its doors following a multi-million pound top to bottom refurbishment. It overlooks some of Edinburgh's prettiest private garden squares, and is situated amongst a row of stone brick town houses. It has car to door service, so that the second you park, you are escorted through it's steel double doors. Now there's no denying it was definitely on the pricier side, but who's complaining when it's on the house (or the parents rather)- not me! My sister decided to begin her student life on the first night in Edinburgh and familiarised herself with the local nightlife, and as a result I got the hotel  suite to myself! 

Want to know more about The Principal Hotel? Don't hesitate to click the link below: 

The next morning, my sister decided to stay in her university halls and sleep in (most likely experiencing early symptoms of a case of the freshers fever-we've all been there). So my parents and I decided to set off on an exploration, and see for ourselves, what Edinburgh had to offer. After seeing Edinburgh Castle, looking at Arthur's seat from afar, and walking up and down many windy cobbled streets, we decided to visit Holyrood House, the royal residence of Scotland. I'm not usually one to rave about national trust properties, but the audio guide was actually incredibly informative and interesting, and the architecture framework that remained, was phenomenal, particularity with the Scottish hills as a backdrop.

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Let me tell you, I didn't just 'like' this city, I fell head over heels in love with it. I can't wait to come back in the very near future, and next time I'll have my little sister as my very own personal tour guide.

Thanks for reading! 

Olivia Charlotte Alice


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