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Thursday, 15 January 2015

What does your Coffee order say about you?

Hello there you beautiful beings of the blog-o-sphere!

Today we are delving deep into one of the world's most popular brews: Coffee. 

I class myself as a coffee lover, I have always adored coffee and I probably rely on it a little too much in the mornings. I never considered the fact that the type of coffee I drink could in fact be a reflection of my personality traits or my lifestyle, until I stumbled across a fellow coffee obsessed blogger: Ryoko Iwata. (Check out Ryoko's blog:

A while ago Ryoko wrote a post on the meanings of different types of coffee which really sparked my interest in this whole topic of discussion. I admittedly forgot about that post until recently; after downloading Ryoko's latest publication titled Coffee Gives Me Superpowers (April 7 2015) on my kindle, I was once again reminded of that post I had seen on her blog. Since reading her lighthearted colour filled comic style book, I have researched more into the relationship between coffee and humanity and it turns out that over the years there have been many studies regarding the beverage choices of society, in particular, psychological studies have been performed on whether what we drink and the mannerisms we have have whilst consuming these drinks, tells us anything about who we are as individuals. 

This chart is interesting but I am not sure about how accurate it is. I am an instant coffee drinker when I have time for nothing else, yet it is usually because I am in a frantic rush in the midst of essay writing. I am also a glass half empty kind of gal so really everything an 'instant coffee drinker' should be according to this chart is the polar opposite of my personality. All fun and games though and you cannot take it to heart just like most quizzes and surveys out there. 

What are your favourite caffeinated drinks? Do you think this is of any truth at all and if so which drink best suits your personality? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Olivia_CA95 using #caffineatedchats

Thanks for stopping by! 

- Olivia Charlotte Alice


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