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Monday, 25 September 2017

That time I hiked up Box Hill...

Hello there you beautiful beings of the blog-o-sphere!

Today, I'm going to be sharing my hiking adventure with you...I know I did exercise...and I actually enjoyed it....yes yes it's all very shocking...I know. The other week I set off (rather begrudgingly) with my Dad, to go on a hike up Box Hill, located in Surrey, England. This particular location always reminds me of my early school years as my first ever overnight stay and school trip was at an FSC Field Centre located at the bottom of Box Hill, called Juniper Hall. At this centre we learnt how to set traps, make our own packed lunches (a challenge aged 8), tell stories around the camp fire and walk up A LOT of hills. Anyways, when my dad and I arrived at the hiking trail car park, we were surrounded by many elderly couples with their walking aids. This sight reassured me that the hikes couldn't possibly be that difficult...oh but boy was I wrong!

For us, were about to embark on the Box Hill Hike, the ultimate hike of them all. What proceeded was a lot of step climbing, cow dodging, walking through a graveyard, meeting some Shetland ponies, having to stop at pub halfway up to get a drink, and then climbing down hills, then up hills, down hills, then up hills etc...this went on repeat for a while. Finally we made it to the top, and I must admit it...the views were worth it. Plus I realised I was actually far more able at exercising than I thought. I'd given up hope at my athletic abilities after I traded in my gym membership for being a stockroom runner (basically I completed a half marathon every time someone requested a stock check on the shop floor). This hike, although challenging, restored my faith in exercise and the next week I actually joined a local London gym (my bank account will deeply regret this in the upcoming months). Is it bad that one of my first thoughts when I joined was that I was glad I had an excuse to splurge on cute workout clothes again...? Maybe, well its a judgement free zone here on my blog can keep those opinions hush hush.  

Let me know if you like hiking, or have any good hiking destinations that you can recommend- maybe I'll try them out...

Thanks for reading!

- Olivia Charlotte Alice

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